Dating women a different race than you

If you are thinking of dating someone from a different race than yourself, perhaps a latina or a black woman, then you should look at purchasing this book to help guide you in your efforts to be a success regarding this type of relationship.

The book is titled: Just Don’t Marry One: Interracial Dating, Marriage, and Parenting   and after reviewing the book quickly on Amazon I think it would be of great value to anyone who is dating a person from a different culture, race and back ground.  The author of the book seems to have a great deal of pertinent information about that topic that might help you and your quest to be happy with any interracial relationship.

Amazon seems to be the only place where you can purchase this book where as I did visit the local bookstores in my town and could not find a copy of this particular book.  Also Amazon does have a very good price!

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Dating Black Women

Just published a new article on my main blog about how relationships involving black women and white men was just posted.

If you have an interest in dating black women then take some time to read this interesting post where we discuss one couple in particular who is an interracial couple and seeming to be one of the happiest couples we know!

CLICK HERE to read the article!

Having dated a beautiful black women more than 20 years ago I can still remember her infectious smile like it was yesterday!

dating black women

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More about Electric Razors

electric shaver ratings

electric shaver ratings

Following quite a few years of shaving with a blade I opted to go out and get an electric shaver to check out if the entire shaving process could possibly be less of an experience in the mornings. It appears there was a variety of shavers to pick from and eventually I settled upon the Braun shaver for my personal final decision. Electric razor ratings

The first shave with this shaver went rather smooth and effortless. In fact, I was initially stunned at how quick it was to shave minus the whole process of shaving cream and utilizing a sink brimming with water. The quality of the actual shave ended up being just like a shave with my personal bade — pretty smooth!

Not surprisingly I still make use of my regular shaver on occasions but have fully adapted to the electric razor for all my day to day shaving needs! The one issue I have encountered with my shaver is failing to remember to recharge the battery. Upon waking up and expecting to have a shave with my new shaver I find the battery dead, of which I then turn to my old razor to save the day!

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best electric razor for men!

Probably the number one shaver on the market today is Phillips Norelco!   Whenever you visit the Amazon website you’ll notice that this particular brand of electric shaver has the highest amount of five star reviews.

best electric razor for men

There is a reason for this and that being the quality of design as well as manufacturing of their electric shavers. This attention to detail and designing and making their shavers results in the best quality shave anyone could ask for.

Last year my wife purchased a razor from another manufacturer and I was somewhat disappointed in the quality of the shave not to mention the overall design of the product. While the shaver itself was not all that bad it just was not up to the same standards as one would expect from a Phillips Norelco Electric shaver.

Of course the best type of shaver that I think shaves the best for me and my face type is a rotary type shaver.  Phillips Norelco manufactures several rotary style shavers that are second to none in the quality of shave they offer.  My recommendation is to consider seriously the Philips Norelco brand in your purchasing decision when considering buying a new electric shaver!

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Electric Razor Reviews

In case you are contemplating acquiring an electric shaver listed below are the most notable four selling Makes. Now remember, these top selling Brand names regarding electric e razors may be the most obvious at just about any shop due to the fact these four Brand names control approximately 95% of the market.  Electric razor reviews

Here are the top selling four Brand names of electric razors in order of revenue along with popularity of their respective electric shavers. Phillips Norelco, is usually a brand name which has been around for approximately 50 years. Braun is known as a European supplier who has top quality as its principal selling point. Panasonic is a well-known electronic devices company here in U . s . and also in Japan. And, lastly yet most certainly not least is a Remington – the earliest maker of electric shavers for men.

Before you make a decision to get an electric razor look at buyer reviews of the very electric shaver you want to purchase. Why is this? Well, you will want electric shaver that has high customer happiness evaluations which usually relates directly to the manufacturers quality and to the manufacturing process of that electric shaver. Of the of previously listed electric razor makers Braun comes out number one as far as quality.

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Rad Tech Career

In case you are wanting to take up a brand-new career being a radiology tech you would be finest encouraged to go to class with the intent regarding mastering math concepts along with sciences. Learning to be a radiology tech is a great job choice because the career options are usually quite a few with 1000s of doctor’s offices distributed over the usa right now. If you are concerned about the compensation of your radiology tech rest assured that the compensation, especially for a two year degree, is very lucrative and ever increasing due to the demand regarding these highly specialized professionals. When memory space will serve myself accurately the common income for any radiology tech is around $60, 000 annually. Needless to say, when you just masteral with your two year degree your quick compensation may be somewhat less than the quoted $60, 000. When you compare the salary to be able to other professions it is in the middle to be able to high array especially when you consider that this profession only takes two years regarding undergraduate examine.

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Best anti aging products today

Last night I was watching a TV commercial on what was described as the best anti aging products sold today. I quickly grabbed my wife to sit with me to watch this commercial as she has told me many times she is looking for a hand cream that can help with age spots. Being a guy who was just turning 51 years old I realized I myself am starting to develop age spots on my hands! A problem with age spots for anyone getting older is that we all think we’re still 20 years old when in fact we’re probably in our fifties or sixties and in total denial of our true age. At least this is the case for me and just about everyone around me. Aging is a fact of life that is welcome but not welcome depending on your perspective and your actual true age. Turning 51 years of age is a benchmark for anyone as we now leave middle age and start to look at becoming elderly in the next 10 to 15 years -which is a scary thing to encounter!

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